What you should know about Retirement and the Human Curve


People start to retire between the age of 55 years to 65 years depending on different laws. Some people opt for an early retirement due to one reason or the other. Whatever your reason for retirement is, you deserve to leave happily and fulfilling life after retirement.  Below is a normal human life curve.

The above curve is a typical human graph. The journey of a human being starts at birth or at zero age. Between zero age and 65 years is a steady graph of a normally active person. All your active years are represented on the lefts side of the curve. The education and career life falls in side A of the graph. The other side of the curve is the life after retirement. The right curve will be determined by the quality of life you live after retirement. At 65year, your curve can descent at an angle of 90 degrees on can steadily descend as shown by curve c.

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Every person wishes that his curve after 65 years will be C and not B. But, you have a choice to choose your curve when you are still at curve A when you have energy. How you prepared to live your life before retirement and the lifestyle you adopt after retirement.

Living a healthy life after retirement can help you achieve curve C and live beyond 100 years. Watching your diet and exercising regularly can also help you achieve curve c. Sadly many people do not think about this curve before they hit 65 years. Their ignorant makes them die few years after retirements hence curve B. These are people who did not accept that retirement is inevitable and they will one day face the reality.

The reality of life hits you when you start approaching retirement. That is when clever people start accepting and are ready to start a brand new life. The lifestyle completely becomes different from the norm. If you don’t embrace change at the right time, you will be swept away by the same change. A flexible person will be able to change with time and be able to quickly adapt to a new life. Having prepared for a life after retirement will also help you live a normal curve.  Having a sense of humor will help lift your spirit and leave well. Never think of things you did not achieve and start loving life as it is.