Tennessee Medicare Advantage plans

Upon retiring, the person needs to face an important decision as to how to stay medically covered and safeguard personal health and that of the spouse. POMCO and the Tennessee state has been working together to help make such crucial questions and to provide Medicare Advantage plans.

What are Tennessee Medicare Advantage plans all about?

Being a retiree, the person could be eligible to avail The Tennessee Plan, which has been designed exclusively for retired teachers, local government employees, state employees and their eligible dependants. This plan can help to fill up the coverage gap left by the original Medicare Part A and B coverage.

What gaps are present in Medicare Part A and B?

Some charges required to be paid under Medicare includes the following:

  • Deductible out of pocket expenses every time the person is hospitalized.
  • A specified amount per day for 61st – 90th day in hospital and an increase thereafter up to the 60th day, plus deductible for all approved outpatient expenses and doctor bills. Also needs to be paid additional 20% of approved Medicare charges.

For amounts over approved Medicare charges, the person is held responsible for making the payments, especially if the providers fail to accept Medicare assignment. It is quite natural for increase in out of pocket expenses even after having Medicare coverage, which can be filled up by Tennessee Medicare Advantage plans. Such plans offer benefits that can be compared to standard advantageal Plan D.


All retired Tennessee local education certified teachers and staffs and state employees receiving monthly retirement pension from TCRS (Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System) or have opted for the optional higher educational retirement plan are eligible to avail Medicare Part A can apply for this plan coverage. Even eligible dependents and legal married spouse can apply. If enrollment is done within 60 days period of initial eligibility, then coverage cannot be denied because of poor health or age.

Who administers this plan?

It features Medicare Advantage plans coverage that is Tennessee State sponsored and administered by POMCO. Quality coverage is offered by this plan at reduced group premium rates. Monthly premiums will not increase, since it is not based upon age. However, there can be increase due to rising costs. If the person is still in service and has 15 years left with the state as teacher or employee, then part of the plan coverage cost is borne by the state.