Medicare Supplement Plans, what are Guaranteed-Issue Rights

Medicare supplement insurance is very important as it offers cover for the costs that is not covered by the Original Medicare policy. Thus it offers a cover benefiting the insurance holder of Medicare Supplement Plans.  However, during Medicare Supplement open enrollment period, it is the best time to get enrolled with Medicare Supplement Plans.


The open enrollment period is the time when you attain 65 years and you are allowed to enroll with a Medicare Supplement insurance Company. This is considered the best time as the insurance company has no right to reject your enrollment process even if you have health reasons. Though, the company may make you wait for a period of six months. However, after the six-month period, your plan will cover all the pre-existing conditions.


There are provisions that you can apply even after the open enrollment period for Medicare Supplement plans. However, the insurance company will enroll your only if you have guaranteed-issue rights or may demand you to undergo medical underwriting.  If you have to undergo medical underwriting, the charges will escalate depending on health problems, besides there is no surety of getting any plan accepted for you.

What are Guaranteed-Issue Rights?Find more information

Medicare Supplement plans featuring guaranteed issue rights means it protects you from undergoing the procedure of medical underwriting. Generally, the health insurance companies use data and health history on pre-existing conditions to determine if they will or not cover you and the amount they will charge as coverage.  This is termed as medical underwriting.


There are chances to avoid medical underwriting and this is possible in two situations:

  • During Open enrolment period that begins from the day you are 65 and goes for six months from that date and if you are already enrolled in Part B Medicare.
  • If you possess guaranteed-issue rights. This right occurs when you lose health insurance in uncontrollable situations or if you are exercising some trial now.


How to avail guaranteed-issue rights?

The guaranteed-issue rights are limited usually to Medicare Supplement plans A, B, C, F, L and K. It excludes M, N, G and D also that are offered in most states during open enrolment period.  You can avail guaranteed-issue rights during certain situations where you have:


  • Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Original Medicare plan (Part A and B) in combination with group health plan.
  • Original Medicare and Medicare SELECT policy
  • Trial due or claim of Medicare Advantage
  • Dropped Medigap to join Medicare Advantage or wish to switch to Medicare policy
  • Lost Medicare Supplement policy

Is your Medicare advantage plan ending at the end of the year?

You will find that your Medicare advantage plan is probably ending at the end of this year and you have to enroll a fresh. It is good for you to make decisions concerning your Medicare coverage. Before 2019 is here you will have to do some research on several Medicare advantage plans and be so certain on the plan that will meet all your needs.

There are prescription drug coverage and Medicare health coverage, you will have to think of these two coverage and pick one. The following are some tips that one should consider regarding these two coverages if your Medicare Advantage is ending this year.

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At the end of the year you should receive a letter from your Medicare plan as earlier as October 2018 to inform you that your plan will have expired by January first 2019. Do not make the mistake of throwing or misplacing this letter you might need it in future to prove that you can join another Medicare plan.

The other thing is that you have to be so sure whether you want to stay to the original Medicare or move to other Medicare advantage plans. To make a clear decision you have to consider your upcoming and current health situation or needs, compare the costs and the rules given from your original Medicare and any other Medicare advantage plan that you think to pick. If your original Medicare is ending you have the opportunity to buy a medigap plan which help to pay for the gaps in the original Medicare.

Do not rush at the end of the year, making a decision before the end of the year id the right thing to do. This will enable you have both health and drug coverage by January 2019. In most states your right to join a medigap plan lasts until march and am sure you do not want to get late and start hurrying and worrying at the last minute.

Do you have a retiree coverage? Do not join the Medicare advantage plan if you have a retiree coverage before you consult your plan’s administrator. You may be planning to switch to the original Medicare. Do not risk by enrolling to the wrong plan that will make you lose your retiree coverage that has probably covered for your dependents.

For you to keep that retiree coverage you have to enroll to certain plans that will not bring any problems.