Tennessee Medicare Advantage plans

Upon retiring, the person needs to face an important decision as to how to stay medically covered and safeguard personal health and that of the spouse. POMCO and the Tennessee state has been working together to help make such crucial questions and to provide Medicare Advantage plans.

What are Tennessee Medicare Advantage plans all about?

Being a retiree, the person could be eligible to avail The Tennessee Plan, which has been designed exclusively for retired teachers, local government employees, state employees and their eligible dependants. This plan can help to fill up the coverage gap left by the original Medicare Part A and B coverage.

What gaps are present in Medicare Part A and B?

Some charges required to be paid under Medicare includes the following:

  • Deductible out of pocket expenses every time the person is hospitalized.
  • A specified amount per day for 61st – 90th day in hospital and an increase thereafter up to the 60th day, plus deductible for all approved outpatient expenses and doctor bills. Also needs to be paid additional 20% of approved Medicare charges.

For amounts over approved Medicare charges, the person is held responsible for making the payments, especially if the providers fail to accept Medicare assignment. It is quite natural for increase in out of pocket expenses even after having Medicare coverage, which can be filled up by Tennessee Medicare Advantage plans. Such plans offer benefits that can be compared to standard advantageal Plan D.


All retired Tennessee local education certified teachers and staffs and state employees receiving monthly retirement pension from TCRS (Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System) or have opted for the optional higher educational retirement plan are eligible to avail Medicare Part A can apply for this plan coverage. Even eligible dependents and legal married spouse can apply. If enrollment is done within 60 days period of initial eligibility, then coverage cannot be denied because of poor health or age.

Who administers this plan?

It features Medicare Advantage plans coverage that is Tennessee State sponsored and administered by POMCO. Quality coverage is offered by this plan at reduced group premium rates. Monthly premiums will not increase, since it is not based upon age. However, there can be increase due to rising costs. If the person is still in service and has 15 years left with the state as teacher or employee, then part of the plan coverage cost is borne by the state.

Medicare Advantage plans: Helping seniors to stay medically covered

Children, young as well as middle aged adults do not feel it a necessity to buy healthcare insurance since they are strong physically. But with age, the body becomes weak and prone to catching different types of diseases. It is quite natural for the senior retired person to face different types of ailments at the later stage in life and there emerges a need to visit the hospital, doctor, to undergo different types of medical tests, etc. With medical expenses and doctors fees on the rise, and facing reduced income due to retirement, getting medical facility does become a major burden for majority of the seniors. It is for this reason, the government has introduced Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans to safeguard the health interests of its senior citizens.

Selecting the best plan

Selecting the perfect Medicare Advantage plans is sure to provide the individual with innumerous coverage benefits. These days, selecting plans from any insurance company has become easy, quick and simple. The advantage policy is provided to people having touched 65 years of age along with the disabled. It is a government sponsored program to protect its senior citizens. These plans have proved to be more than beneficial to the seniors.

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Plan F is found to be a wonderful option since it offers varieties of benefits and helps the person to stay adequately covered and comfortable. However, the demand for Plan F is slowly decreasing because of the easy availability of much more affordable alternative options like Plan G & N. Plan F still attracts a good number of people to register with it along with other Medicare Advantage plans. Providers have been considering to reduce Plan F to favor a plan having additional co-payments. This is to reduce utilization rates among the Medicare recipients. When trying to shop for Medicare Advantage plans, it will be really useful to go through the different plans, know its varied features in details and compare the different plans thoroughly to get an idea as to which one will work perfectly. The chosen advantageal plans should live up to the person’s expectations and provide adequate coverage wherever required.

One can make the correct choice by taking assistance of the experienced and knowledgeable insurance agents. They can offer relevant and useful advice to choose the plans that will serve the intended purpose. They will also have excellent knowledge of the insurance sector and will provide details of all plans.

Top Retirement Destinations: Paris, France

Beautiful Paris is a great place to satisfy all of your sightseeing needs during retirement with some of the world’s most famous landmarks and cultural icons. Some Medicare supplement plans will even cover you while you travel abroad.


The city is rich in history, art, and social locale. Find incredible views from atop the stunning Eiffel Tower or marvel at the beauty of the Notre Dame Cathedral and its iconic gargoyles. The Arc de Triomphe is another national monument with a great view from the observation deck overlooking Place Charles de Gaulle. To satisfy your intellectual appetite, check out the beautiful artwork at the world renowned Louvre Museum, which is home to Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”.

If you are a lover great coffee or espresso, there is no shortage of boutique cafes lining the streets. Perfect for socializing over delicious croissants, or grabbing some alone time to read a book or the paper. To satisfy all of your shopping needs, you will also find high end retail boutiques everywhere you look, right from the center of the world’s leading fashion industry. Filled with world famous name brand clothing labels, gorgeous jewelry, and classic art pieces.


You won’t want to miss out on some of the world’s most spectacular wine while you’re visiting, made from some of the highest quality grapes grown throughout the endless vineyards of the French countryside. The unique soil and climate found throughout France yield delicious grapes perfect for making wine, making it one of the top wine producers in the world in both quality and quantity.

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Spend a little time outside in the sun at Paris’ beautiful landmark parks. Tuileries Garden and Jardin du Luxembourg are two perfect spots to find statues, fountains, and perfectly manicured landscapes of trees and flower gardens.


Paris is a great walking city with so much to see and do packed into a relatively small area. Walking everywhere is a great way to get your exercise in while you enjoy all the city has to offer, or you can rent a bike to get you to all of your activities. The city also boasts a well maintained and dense underground subway system that will bring you to virtually anywhere you want to go in the city with ease.


Other popular European destinations are easily accessible from Paris via train, making it a perfect central location in Europe if you plan to travel more. With so much to offer, Paris is definitely one of the top must-see travel destinations during your retirement.

Meal Substitute Shakes for Seniors

Many seniors don’t have the energy or interest to cook. Others prefer a less than healthy meal option in order to fill the void. My 72-year-old mom as an example wouldn’t hesitate to consider a bowl of popcorn or a chocolate covered ice-cream bar a reasonable substitute for a dinner-time meal.

I was recently browsing “The Discovery Health” website and came across some interesting details on the benefits of healthy nutrition for seniors. They noted: “As you grow, you need to make a concerted effort to get more of some nutrients and less of others. In most circumstances, it’s not because the body really needs more or less of the nutrient, but the ability to absorb or retain it has changed, your eating and other lifestyle habits have also changed, or you are more vulnerable to diseases that can be affected by too little or too much of a nutrient.”

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They go on to reveal that the fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K and the water-soluble vitamins such as B and C are essential to a healthy body and even more important as we age to help fight disease.

We all understand that carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are measured in grams and that vitamin and minerals are measured in micrograms, milligrams, and international units. But finding an easy to digest food source (rather than taking supplements the size of horse pills) with all of these nutrients is sometimes the issue at hand.

So what do we do when we know that proper nutrition is essential to good health for seniors but the desire, ability, or interest is lacking when preparing wholesome meals?

One of the tastiest sources of dense nutrition for the body can come in the form of a frosty, protein, vitamin-packed meal substitute shake that can be made in less than 30 seconds.

By adding some fresh fruit, fruit juice, or simple ingredients, you can take an ordinary protein shake and make it into something with pizazz.

For example, try taking two scoops of vanilla protein shake mix and add 1/2 cup of crushed ice, 1/2 cup of cold water, and 1/2 cup of fresh or frozen blueberries. Blend until frosty and presto!

Healthy nutrition for seniors doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little ice, water, and a reliable blender, you can easily turn meal-time into a fun and healthy meal.

What you should know about Retirement and the Human Curve


People start to retire between the age of 55 years to 65 years depending on different laws. Some people opt for an early retirement due to one reason or the other. Whatever your reason for retirement is, you deserve to leave happily and fulfilling life after retirement.  Below is a normal human life curve.

The above curve is a typical human graph. The journey of a human being starts at birth or at zero age. Between zero age and 65 years is a steady graph of a normally active person. All your active years are represented on the lefts side of the curve. The education and career life falls in side A of the graph. The other side of the curve is the life after retirement. The right curve will be determined by the quality of life you live after retirement. At 65year, your curve can descent at an angle of 90 degrees on can steadily descend as shown by curve c.

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Every person wishes that his curve after 65 years will be C and not B. But, you have a choice to choose your curve when you are still at curve A when you have energy. How you prepared to live your life before retirement and the lifestyle you adopt after retirement.

Living a healthy life after retirement can help you achieve curve C and live beyond 100 years. Watching your diet and exercising regularly can also help you achieve curve c. Sadly many people do not think about this curve before they hit 65 years. Their ignorant makes them die few years after retirements hence curve B. These are people who did not accept that retirement is inevitable and they will one day face the reality.

The reality of life hits you when you start approaching retirement. That is when clever people start accepting and are ready to start a brand new life. The lifestyle completely becomes different from the norm. If you don’t embrace change at the right time, you will be swept away by the same change. A flexible person will be able to change with time and be able to quickly adapt to a new life. Having prepared for a life after retirement will also help you live a normal curve.  Having a sense of humor will help lift your spirit and leave well. Never think of things you did not achieve and start loving life as it is.

What Plan is Best For You

What health insurance is best for you? The response to that inquiry relies upon your comprehension of what health insurance is and what your specific needs are. To begin with, it isn’t marked down health mind. As a rule, insurance is a sort of hazard administration. Your premium is your regularly scheduled installment to the organization to expect the danger of cost. In one sense, this is a kind of betting. For this situation, the health guarantor is wagering that you won’t require mind, and the superior you pay each month is your fence to counterbalance the outcomes should you confront expansive medical costs. Your health insurance benefits are what you get when the organization “loses” and needs to pay out.


Since we realize that a health insurance policy is an approach to oversee hazard, it is critical to comprehend that there are a number different sorts of understandings, or strategies, accessible relying upon your necessities. For the most part, the subject of health insurance infers inquiries concerning specialist and hospital watch over people and families through secretly obtained approaches, as well as representatives through a business assemble health insurance plan. While picking a health insurance policy, you (or a business) must choose what your resistance for chance is and how much hazard you need oversaw. With that in mind, there are numerous privately owned businesses offering insurance plans.


A few cases of easily recognized names that you are certain to perceive are Aetna, Blue Cross Blue shield, Humana, United Healthcare, Sterling, and Mutual of Omaha. Insurance organizations are otherwise called “payers” since they are in charge of paying out on your insurance claims when require emerges. In spite of the fact that there might be a moderately modest number of organizations with moment name acknowledgment, there are truly tons of health back up plans, and these are largely separate payers offering different approaches with different determinations of advantages taking into account different sorts of insurance needs. There are such a significant number of in light of the fact that health insurance is to a great extent overseen by private insurance organizations directed by Federal and State laws. Single payer health insurance by and large alludes to a framework where the administration oversees and pays on all insurance claims. Medicare would be a case of a solitary payer insurance oversaw by the Federal Government.


Presently, the issue of which health insurance is best for you is replied partially by what specific health mind needs are being referred to. There are a wide range of sorts of arrangements, and the decisions can be overpowering. For instance, there is handicap insurance, mischance and dissection insurance, transitory health plans, continuation of coverage insurance, hospital just insurance, calamitous coverage, ailment specific, long haul mind, Medicare Supplement Plans 2018, and charge for benefit and oversaw mind polices.


How you pick a health insurance policy relies upon your evaluation of your costs, needs, and conditions. If you require specialist and hospital coverage for specific time frame, them you may look for an impermanent policy from Blue Cross or Humana, for instance. If you require family health coverage, at that point you may, theoretically, look for an exhaustive medical plan from Wellmark, Aetna, or John Deere. A few people take out a policy, to give another case, from United Healthcare (or some other back up plan) to pay just in case .of hospitalization as consequence of growth. Other individuals, who work in a high hazard condition, may take out a policy to pay in case of evisceration happening under certain, specified conditions. The approaches can be very specific and written to answer your specific needs

The Positive sides of the 529 College Savings Plan

Many middle-class families in the United States face the challenge of the increased tuition fees. In the past 20 years show that the average cost of tuition and fees for private and public National Universities has for both in-state and out-of-state students. The average tuition fees at private National Universities have jumped 157 percent. That is why many individuals and families need a proper college savings account.

Today on the market, there are broad options of plans and accounts when it comes to retirement savings. One interesting option is the 529 plan. The 529 plan is a savings account specifically designed to help fund the costs for college. Investing in 529 college plan can be a great opportunity to save money for your child’s education. There are many benefits of having a 529 savings plan.

The first notable advantage is that the 529 account earns interest. The concept of 529 plans is set up like mutual funds. Specific states plans may have different regulations. Usually states invest those funds in stocks and bonds with the aim that there will be greater earnings compared to regular bank savings account. The majority of these plans provide a stability for your funds. Also, these plans tend to provide detailed information about where the plan is investing your money, the risk level and the statistical data about the success of the plan.

The second advantage is the fact that the 529 plans are tax-delayed investments

The 529 college savings plan provides you with the opportunity to have your withdrawals free of taxation. This can have a galvanizing effect on the overall financial stability. Also it can be a significant advantage that can help with the constantly increasing tuition fees. Yet the biggest benefit is maybe the fact that there is no obligation about the contributions. You can contribute as you wish. The 529 Savings plan provides the option to save money as much as you can or want. This is beneficial compared to other plans that include prepaid tuitions which have fixed contributions and year limits. In the same time, many 529 Savings plan have an automatic investment option. This allows the plan to withdraw funds each month from your accounts. Through this, you can save time and money.

The 529 plan also offers the option to transfer the funds from state to state. This also means that you will have the advantage to pick your college. Moreover the funds can be transferred from family member to family member. This is beneficial in cases where child decides not to go to college, the funds can be used toward another child’s tuition fees.

With the tuition fees constantly increasing, every parent will struggle to provide enough funds to provide good quality education to his or her children. Savings plans like the 529 account can provide a stable option that will ensure quality education to your children.

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Get details of Medicare supplement plans that offer a range of services

Medicare covers an array of services and yes it pays for the uncovered details of Traditional Medicare and hence is referred to as Medicare supplement plans.


The Medicare covers pregnancy and delivery also in certain situations. There are Medicare beneficiaries even for people lesser than the 65 years and they are the people qualifying owing to disability for Medicare supplement plans.


In case your loved one or you fall in the Medicare beneficiaries’ category and are at the age of child-bearing, you certainly may want to know ‘what Medicare does to cover child delivery and pregnancy cover’.  Here, Medicare may cover necessary and reasonable skilled medical care right from the diagnosis starting condition through delivery, pregnancy events and after postnatal care ending.


If right now you are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant, there is a need for the doctor to offer prenatal care advice and also on proper care after child birth, ensuring safe delivery. However, ensure from your doctor about Medicare assignment or you will end up paying for health care services more money.


The prenatal care includes scheduled regular visits to the doctor, vaccines namely seasonal flu shots, certain diseases screenings that may be harmful to your unborn child or you, and nutrition counseling.


What cover does Medicare offer during pregnancy and after child birth?

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan G may cover the medical services cost provided as per your doctor’s office or informed by your doctor and as outpatient setting or provided within a clinic.   Once you meet the deductible of Part B Medicare, Medicare usually pays 80% of the prenatal and after birth costs of medical care.  In fact, you will pay typically 20% amount of the Medicare approved for the services offered.  Thus, Medicare does not offer any cover after delivery for your infant.


Part A Medicare may cover the hospital inpatient services. This includes your infant delivery and also the hospital stay. On meeting the deductible of Part A Medicare, it will pay the approved Medicare amount of 80% for hospital charges and you will be bearing only 20% typically of the approved Medicare amount.


Medicare may help in paying for pregnancy-related care cost.  The coverage of Medicare may extend in case you have miscarriage, thereby paying 80% of the cost Medicare-approved after annual deductible. The coverage of Medicare is offered even for abortions in specific circumstances when the pregnancy is due to rape or is a serious life threat to you to carry the child unborn to full term. However, Medicare offers no cover to elective abortions in case you choose to end pregnancy for reasons, unknown.


The core benefits of the Medicare Supplement Plan

Most times, we are stuck by the health care policy that will help us live a better life without spending a lot of money. Spending less when it comes to medical insurance is the priority of everyone. However, we may not be able to make it happen without the right plan.  This is the reason why Medigap plan comes in various packages to allow you make your choice The Part A and B medical plan from the Medicare program do not cover every aspect of our health needs.

The core benefits of the Medigap plans have been designed to bridge the lapses from the Part A and B medical packages.  There are plans that concentrate on the major health benefits while some deal with deductibles that happen monthly or yearly.

There are 12 Medigap plans available in the United States of America, but  it is not each of these plans that are available nationwide. However, the fact that some of these providers are ready to offer you all the plans does not mean that they would do that.  This is what makes the selection very complex for the average person.  Maybe,  you are thinking of the right plan to use, the first thing that you need to is to make your homework.  The companies may be similar in their functionalities but you have to look out for the options that will suit you best.

Merits of Medicare supplemental plans include:- large medical bill protection, coverage outside the US, guaranteed acceptance even if you have a health condition without extra charges, guaranteed renewable policies and support even in portability amongst others.

A Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 is generally offered through private insurance companies. These Medigap plans help pay some of the hospital and medical costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, such as copayments, coinsurance, and yearly deductibles. A person need to be already enrolled in Original medicare to be eligible for medigap coverage and hence they are not meant to provide stand-alone benefits.


Every Medigap policy must follow federal and state laws designed to protect you, and it must be clearly identified as “Medicare Supplement Insurance.” Insurance companies can sell you only a “standardized” policy identified in most states by letters. Each insurance company decides which Medigap policies it wants to sell, although state laws might affect which ones they offer. Also, Any standardized Medigap policy is guaranteed renewable even if you have health problems. This means the insurance company can’t cancel your Medigap policy as long as you pay the premium.


The standardized plans often come with varied prices according to cost set by the companies.  Take for instance, the senior citizens who are in dire need of a health care premium.  The government has gone a long way to ensure that everyone is able to get an affordable premium.  The solutions to health care have been made easier with the number of packages that have been made available for us.

Medigap plans have bridge the gap that  Medicare was unable to meet with its Part A and Part B medical insurance.  The package that you get when you are insured include coverage for emergencies that may occur even if you are not in the United States of America, specialized therapeutic care and cost of hospital stays that are extended.

Fulfil all your medical expenses with Medicare supplement plans

For all those people who are above the very age of 65, already have a good idea about the concept of Medicare plans. They already know that these plans are of two types, plan A and plan B and both these plans are designed in such a manner that they are sued to take good care of all the costs which are incurred due to any kind of medical help you might have to take.

These supplement Medicare plans take care of all your expenses

Although you will find that most of the Medicare plans a have been designed in such a manner that they will take care of most of the expenses which will be incurred or spent by all the visits to the doctor you will have taken, or all the visits to the hospital you will have to take. It also takes care of the charges against the prescription of medicines and other medical related things. But tree is one thing you need to remember.

These simple Medicare plans never take care of all your medical related things. This is when enters the Medicare supplement plans. These plans will make sure that all your medical charges will be taken care of without any kind of problem.

These Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 definitely takes care of all those gaps such as the copay, the coinsurance and other form so gaps which are left behind by the simple Medicare plans. Such is the benefit of the Medicare plans. However, you will find that there are several people out there who are still not sure about these supplement plans.

People still doubt it

They have their respective doubts about it. This people do not understand the fact these Medicare supplement plans starts their work at the point where the simple Medicare plans stops working. You will find as many as 12 different plans out there and each of these plans take care of a different coverage and have different types of benefits offered under it.

Thus, for all those people out there who are in need of care medically and they have to live their life based on a fixed income, going for these supplement plans is the best idea. The Medicare supplement plans are extremely affordable. You will also notice that these Medicare supplement plans are extremely affordable and most of the people will be able to take care of it.